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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the key leverage factor in increasing your profitability. Click to increase your profitability.

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Digitalization solutions built on the basis of Operational Excellence take you to results in a short time. Click here for self-financing digitalization solutions.

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Innovation carries your organization to different levels of solutions outside your current ways of doing business. Click here to develop new solutions using your existing competencies even in the pandemics.

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Excellence Based Technological Solutions


Programmatic is a study in which we determine the most important improvement areas for your business based on real data by guiding your team step-by-step, and as a result, we create a prioritized project pool.


It is the solution where all the processes/infrastructure and human factors that work towards achieving the business results of the organizations’ strategies are analyzed using scientific and technological methods and the Digitalization Roadmap is revealed.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is an approach that provides added value by using scientific and world-proven methods, factors that affect profitability, such as efficiency and quality, in all processes that operate in order to bring the strategies of organizations to business results.


Monitor and improve your production efficiency with OEE+. OEE+ is a hardware and software solution that enables you to monitor and improve your production efficiency with the data obtained from all kinds of machinery, equipment and personnel. You follow the OEE tracking instantly.

Process Mining

It is an Operational Excellence tool that provides a holistic and interactive display of end-to-end process flow and process data by processing the digitally held time data in the systems you use with artificial intelligence and data mining tools.

Task Mining

Monitor and improve every job done on your screen with task mining software. Task Mining offers the time you spend on the screen by integrating it with the smallest detail with data and visualizing it with a business intelligence platform.

BiLiG OpEx

20 years of experience, unique service approach!

Our founding partners have enriched the experience they have gained as both managers and consultants in the world’s and Turkey’s leading companies in the fields of process management and continuous improvement for nearly 20 years, with approaches such as Industry 4.0, IoT, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, which are the requirements of the digital age.

Why should you work with BiLiG OpEx?

BiLiG OpEx provides solutions to business problems with up-to-date methods and digital technologies in the field of operational excellence, reveals and evaluates improvement opportunities, and provides benefits.

  • 20 years of experience in process management and continuous improvement.
  • Experiences gained as managers and consultants in leading companies in the world and in Turkey.
  • Service portfolio enriched with approaches such as Industry 4.0, IoT, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Technological solutions based on operational excellence with scientifically proven methods.

Success Stories

  • Process Mining for Inspection and Compliance

    Few of the technological innovations that have entered business life in the last 10 years have been reflected in the field of Audit and Compliance. At its core, the audit still relies on individual interviews, still retaining the retrospective and random control approach. It is insufficient when compared to the rapid developments in the way […]
  • Why Financial Service Providers Miss Opportunities?

    Increasing competition and consistently low interest rates are increasing the cost pressure on the insurance and financial services industries. In the digital age, companies serving these industries face the challenge of delivering their services in a cost-effective manner.
  • Task Mining Case Study in Finance and Insurance

    By transferring nearly 20 tasks and decisions to 7 RPA and 2 AI RPA bots; It was made mandatory for customers to be called to fill out the documents. The loan utilization rate was increased by making multiple offers. The practice of making multiple offers in multiple meetings was started.
  • AI-Based Compressor Management Application Case Study

    The Kompress AI smart compressor management solution allowed the customer to remotely monitor the compressor and receive alerts when threshold violations occurred at any value. In this way, some of the causes of downtime could be eliminated with early intervention.

Increase Your Profitability with BiLiG OpEx

Unique service approach with 20 years of experience
Unique service to 100+ companies
More than 250 corporate Opex trainings
100% customer satisfaction approach

BiLiG Operational Excellence Consultants

  • BiLiG Operational Excellence Consultants are at your side for your operational excellence needs with the competence and experience to support you in the fields of planning, implementation, training and technology.

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