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Webinar: How to Reduce Manufacturing Costs?’

The “How to Reduce Manufacturing Costs?” webinar, moderated by one of our founding partners Birden Tuluğ Siyahi, was completed on Tuesday, January 30. The following topics were discussed in our webinar;

Reducing manufacturing costs is of critical importance for companies to gain a competitive advantage and maximize profitability. This webinar will provide strategic and practical advice on how to reduce manufacturing costs. This will enhance your efficiency in manufacturing, minimize waste, and overall improve your business performance.

Webinar Content

First, we will discuss the importance of efficient inventory management and capital optimization through the Just-in-time manufacturing approach. You will explore how energy efficiency can be increased through the use of energy-saving machinery and equipment. The automation and digitalization section will demonstrate how automation of processes can lead to long-term cost reduction. In the quality control segment, the role of first-time-right manufacturing and waste minimization in cost reduction will be discussed. Improving supplier relationships and cost advantages through bulk purchasing will be addressed. Additionally, topics such as reevaluating business processes, eliminating unnecessary steps, waste management, employee training for increased productivity and error minimization, product design approaches that reduce material and manufacturing costs, and investment in new technologies to expedite manufacturing processes will be covered.

You can watch the webinar recording on our Youtube page below;

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