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TPM and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency): Measurement and Improvement of Equipment Efficiency

In today's competitive business environment, the efficiency and performance of production facilities are crucial factors directly affecting the success of businesses. Ensuring the effective operation of production facilities and optimizing equipment usage are of critical importance for enhancing the profitability of enterprises. For this purpose, tools such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Overall Equipment...
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TRIZ and Logical Analysis: Identifying Strategies for Problem Decomposition and Solution

In today's world, complex problems encountered in the business and engineering fields cannot be addressed solely through classical solution methods. At this point, a series of methods focusing on bringing together different disciplines to generate new and innovative solutions comes to the forefront. One of these methods is TRIZ and logical analysis. In this article,...
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Tolerance Analysis: Determining Product and Service Quality

Tolerance analysis is a crucial tool for determining product and service quality. This analysis evaluates how accurate and consistent certain characteristics of a product or service are. Tolerance refers to the acceptable limits of a measurement or specification. Staying within these limits is important for ensuring the quality of the product or service.
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Data Analysis Techniques for Operational Excellence

In the journey towards success, data analysis has become a key element in ensuring operational excellence. Data analysis has evolved into a critical tool for businesses to streamline their processes, optimize resources, and gain competitive advantages. The use of data analysis techniques for operational excellence can enable businesses to make more effective decisions.
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VSM and Lead Time Optimization: Accelerating Product and Service Delivery Processes

Using VSM and Lead Time Optimization together enables businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their processes and more effectively improve them.
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Statistical Process Control and Control Charts

Statistical Process Control (SPC) and control charts are among the tools and methods used by contemporary businesses to optimize production processes and enhance quality. Let's explore what SPC is, how it works, and why it's important for businesses in this article.
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