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Analytical Business Intelligence

Bilig OpEx Operational Excellence Consultants provide unique services that affect the profitability of the organization with new generation technologies.

Minitab Statistics Software

It is the world’s most effective statistical analysis and data analysis software used by Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 around the world today.

Process Mining

It is an Operational Excellence tool that provides a holistic and interactive display of end-to-end process flow and process data by processing digitally held time data with artificial intelligence and data mining tools.

Task Mining

Track and improve the work done on your screen with task mining software. It integrates the time you spend on the screen with the smallest detail with data, and presents it to you by visualizing it with a business intelligence platform.

Minitab Realtime SPC Software

RealTime SPC combines seamless data automation from multiple data sources with the leading statistical analysis engine.

AI-Based Compressor Management

10% of the energy used in your business is consumed by compressors. Correct coordination and maintenance of compressors directly affects this energy efficiency.

Minitab Engage Software

Minitab Engage is a platform that allows you to follow your project initiatives from a single environment.

Minitab Workspace Software

The visual tools used in these methods lie behind the success of applications such as Lean 6 Sigma and TRIZ.

Minitab Predictive Analytics Module

Minitab Predictive Analytics Module is an add-on that increases the predictive capability of Minitab Statistics Software with artificial intelligence.

Minitab Live Analytics

Minitab Live Analytics software is an application where Minitab Connect and Minitab Statistics Software work together to offer solutions beyond known business intelligence software.

Minitab Model-Ops

Minitab Model-Ops is a software that allows you to easily integrate your machine learning models with your enterprise software.


OEE+ is a hardware and software solution that allows you to monitor and improve your production efficiency with data from all kinds of machinery, equipment and personnel.

Why should you work with Bilig OpEx?

BiLiG OpEx brings solutions to business problems with up-to-date methods and Digital Technologies in the field of Operational Excellence, reveals and evaluates improvement opportunities, and provides benefits.

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20 years of experience, unique service approach!

Our founding partners have enriched the experience they have gained as both managers and consultants in the world’s and Turkey’s leading companies in the fields of process management and continuous improvement for nearly 20 years, with approaches such as Industry 4.0, IoT, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, which are the requirements of the digital age.