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Programmatic and step-by-step guidance of your team, we identify the most important improvement areas for your business based on real data.


We present Digi-Check-Up ®, the world’s only self-financed digitalization solution. Let your digitalization investments be self-financing.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence tools contain many tools from quality improvement to efficiency increase, from stock optimization to reduction of downtime.


Increase your turnover with our innovation solutions. Innovation tools are tools that will allow you to look at your current business problems from a different perspective.

6 Sigma

6 Sigma is an improvement methodology developed to reduce variability in processes. Like Lean, 6 Sigma is like a toolbox with many tools.

Why should you work with Bilig OpEx?

BiLiG OpEx brings solutions to business problems with up-to-date methods and Digital Technologies in the field of Operational Excellence, reveals and evaluates improvement opportunities, and provides benefits.

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20 years of experience, unique service approach!

Our founding partners have enriched the experience they have gained as both managers and consultants in the world’s and Turkey’s leading companies in the fields of process management and continuous improvement for nearly 20 years, with approaches such as Industry 4.0, IoT, Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, which are the requirements of the digital age.