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Webinar: How Do You Manage Your Processes Faster With AI?

The “How Do You Manage Your Processes Faster With AI?” webinar, moderated by one of our founding partners Birden Tuluğ Siyahi, was completed on Tuesday, March 22. The following topics were discussed in our webinar;

Today, with the increasing digitalization, the amount of data collected from the processes has also increased. It is getting harder and harder to manually analyze this growing data with current analysis tools. Artificial Intelligence technology can analyze this increasing amount of data in a short time and reveal the cause and effect relationship. Some of the issues we encounter with Artificial Intelligence today;

  • The need for coding.
  • Data collected without consulting to process expertise can create false correlations
  • Quick integration of developed models into other business software
  • Easy management and updating of models
  • Security of developed models

In our webinar, we will be talking about how you can solve those issues in Lean 6 Sigma processes. We welcome all participants who is interested in improvement with data analysis.

Webinar Scope

Issues we face in the current use of Artificial Intelligence
Development of models with drag and drop
Integration, security and governance of developed models

You can watch the webinar recording on our Youtube page below;

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