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Researches; It shows that monitoring and improving production efficiency with the data taken from all kinds of machinery, equipment and personnel will have a great impact on the production, profitability and operational efficiency of the enterprise. To ensure operational excellence in any industry or process, it is recommended that monitoring and improvement of OEE be the basis. OEE serves as a general and overarching measure of how well manufacturing operations are performing in a manufacturing process.

What is OEE+?


With OEE +  you can monitor and improve your production with data from all kinds of machinery, equipment and personnel.

Why OEE+?

Organizations are faced with constant change. Since the initially established order fails to meet the demands over time, it needs to be continuously improved. The Total Equipment Efficiency (OEE), the cornerstone of Operational Excellence practices, used by many organizations around the world to monitor their efficiency, shows those improvement opportunities in your processes. Developed by Lean 6 Sigma Master Black Belts with OEE+;

  • You can instantly monitor data from your entire plant, independent of machinery / equipment / personnel.
  • You can see and prioritize your improvement needs by monitoring Total Equipment Efficiency (OEE).
  • You can quickly intervene in the problems in your business.
  • You save on current process costs (energy, natural gas, consumables etc.).
  • You can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes (downtime, waitings, inventories, personnel, energy, etc.).
  • You can increase unit price profitability by reducing costs.

Wıth OEE+, you win the following capabilities:

  • You can collect data from your entire plant independent of machines / equipments.
  • You can track the OEE instantenously.
  • You can track the downtime categories.
  • You can track your performance loss categories.
  • You can trak your quality rates on the basis of category.
  • You can instantly get news from the process, send messages / e-mails to staff with automatic alarms
  • You can instantly intervene in the remote process remotely with DNC.
  • You can upgrade your capabilities with add-on solutions such as Statistical Process Control (IPC), Machine Learning (ML), and Digital Twin.

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