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Minitab Predictive Analytics Module

Minitab Predictive Analytics Module is an add-on that increases the predictive capability of Minitab Statistics Software with artificial intelligence. With the Predictive Analytics Module;

  • You can get results in a very short time and improve your processes with the advanced analytical capability of using the best machine learning algorithms from your large amount of data.
  • Thanks to its automation capability, you can determine and choose the most accurate machine learning algorithm. Especially recommended for those new to predictive analytics.
  • You can use powerful machine learning methods such as TreeNet, Cart, Mars, Random Forests. (Only Minitab offers these brands in the world)
  • You can detect hidden relationships between your process data.
  • You can analyze without programming.
  • You can do your Lean 6 Sigma project analysis much faster.
  • You can learn new things about your processes by making your unused data useful.

What you can predict with the Predictive Analytics Module:


  • Product demand
  • Pricing
  • Factors affecting purchasing decisions


  • Machine malfunctions
  • Quality defects
  • Causes of errors and malfunctions

Supply Chain

  • Transport weight
  • Cycle time and on time delivery
  • Stock rotation
  • Reasons for error-free delivery

Banking and Finance

  • Most profitable customers
  • Fraud
  • Loss of customers


  • Top market segments
  • Customer-tailored recommendations
  • Sales conversion rate
  • Sales generating campaigns

Government & Public

  • Prediction and spread of a disease
  • Detection of fraud in government projects
  • Detection of criminal activities
  • Improving traffic flow

Customer Service

  • Achieving targeted sales figures
  • Number of customer service representatives and ticket optimization
  • Improved response time

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