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Minitab Workspace Software

The visual tools used in these methods lie behind the success of applications such as Lean 6 Sigma and TRIZ. In many organizations these tools are located on flipcharts or in different folders on computers in various formats. Workspace gives you access to these tools from a single environment. With Workspace:

  • Many tools used in Lean 6 Sigma and Innovation studies are ready to use.
  • It is guaranteed that your employees use standard tool kits.
  • If you want, you can design and use other tools and forms you use in your organization under Workspace.
  • By integrating with Minitab Statistics Software, you can transfer your analysis results to forms in the Workspace environment.
  • You can keep and track project report documents in a single environment.

Here are some suggestions:

Process Mapping

Create flowcharts with added capabilities to customize the level of detail to help you understand, see, and communicate all the activities in a process.

Fishbone Analysis

Map and define every relevant element for a holistic view of your processes or projects, regardless of simple or complex structures.

Value Stream Map

Visualize the flow of outputs and information through your organization, department or team and showcase the value it creates for your customers and stakeholders.

Error Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Reduce the risk of failure in a process or product design by identifying potential failures and taking action necessary to achieve anticipated goals.

Workspace’s FMEA meets the latest AIAG-VDA Standards to provide industry-leading standards for product and process development.

5 Reasons

Identify the root cause of a problem through direct questions, relationship mapping, and reflection to prevent recurrence in the future.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Assess and understand risk in a process or project, predict results and effortlessly optimize with speed and efficiency.

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