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Minitab Statistics Software

It is the world’s most effective statistical analysis and data analysis software used by Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 around the world today.

Minitab Statistics and Data Analysis Software, which has been used for nearly 50 years, has become the most important assistant of companies applying Lean 6 Sigma today.

It includes many statistical and graphical tools, as well as many different tools to make data suitable for analysis, as well as machine learning techniques and estimation capabilities.

Why Minitab?

  • You can do all kinds of statistical analysis very easily.
  • It facilitates your work and manages your projects more easily by providing direct integration with Minitab’s software such as Minitab Connect, Real Time SPC, Live analytics, Workspace.
  • With Minitab’s easy and visual analysis facilities, you can quickly increase your profitability by quickly finding the root causes of your problems and eliminating them.

With Minitab statistics software, you gain the following capabilities:

  • You can do ANOVA, regression, hypothesis tests, non-parametric tests.
  • You can create control charts and gain the ability to intervene in your process without errors.
  • You can visually identify the causes of your problems with extensive graphic analysis tools.
  • With predictive analytics, that is, machine learning capability, you can find the root causes of your problems and take action in seconds without wasting your time for analysis.
  • With data handling tools, you can make your data suitable for analysis in a very short time.
  • With data enrichment tools, you can generate meaningful new data from your data.
  • You can extract different categorical information from your data (for example, what day of the week it is from the date, what shift you are in from the time).
  • You can access it from the cloud or from your computer.

Reduce your costs, improve your processes!

Access modern data analytics and explore your data further with our advanced analytics!

Access modern data analytics and explore your data further with our advanced analytics. Use our revolutionary predictive analytics techniques to predict skillfully, compare alternatives, and predict your business with ease.

Use classic methods in Minitab Statistical Software, integrate open source languages with R or Python, or expand your capabilities even further with machine learning algorithms such as Classification and Regression Trees (CART), TreeNet, and Random Forests, now available in Minitab’s Predictive Analytics.


Visualize your data quickly and easily with Graph Builder!

Data visualizations; is critical to accurately represent the findings. Deciding which graph best represents your data and supports your analysis is quick and easy with Graph Builder.

GraphBuilder; from bar charts to correlograms, heatmaps and more. That way, you can focus on choosing the best image for your insights.


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