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Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence, or shortly called OpEx, provides added value to your customers by using scientific and world-proven methods such as Lean 6 Sigma, TPM, DFSS, Digitalization, which improve efficiency and quality to increase profitability in all processes that operate under organizations’ strategies to achieve business results.




Organizations are faced with constant change. Systems start to fail to meet the demands over time, therefore should be continuously improved. With worldwide proven Operational Excellence tools you can;

  • Prevent mistakes from occurring
  • Save on current process costs (energy, natural gas, consumables etc.)
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes (downtimes, waitings, inventory, personnel, energy, etc.)
  • Increase the sales amount / marketshare by producing better quality / service
  • Increase unit price profitability by reducing costs
  • Increase sales efficiency




  • With Lean , the downtimes in your processes are reduced.
  • With 6 Sigma , you can control the variability that affects your product quality.
  • With TPM , your machines work with the principle of "0 failure, 0 error, 0 accident"
  • With 5S , your working environment is organized to provide you with the highest efficiency.
  • With Statistical Process Control ( IPC ), you prevent mistakes by tracing the signals in your processes.
  • With Process Mapping, you can see and improve efficiency needs in your processes.
  • With Root Cause Analysis tools, you can identify the causes of errors and improve their quality.
  • With Task Mining and Process Mining, you can instantly see the efficiency needs of your processes and take action.
  • With Machine Learning, you can quickly control the causes of your complex quality problems.
  • With digitalization technologies, you can eliminate human-induced losses and errors in your processes.

Operational Excellence Steps

Operational Excellence studies are investments that will increase your company’s capacity utilization, profitability and turnover in the short and medium term. As with any investment, investments in solutions for Operational Excellence projects are expected to provide organizations with a satisfactory return on investment (ROI). In this approach, we implement a two-step path:

1- Finding Opportunities for Operational Excellence (Opex-Check-Up®)

2- Realization of Operational Excellence Projects (Roll-Out)

1- Finding Opportunities for Operational Excellence (Opex-Check-Up®)

It establishes the relationship between the strategies of the organizations and the business results and makes the targeting in a way that will meet the Operational Excellence needs mentioned above. It is a study in which processes are analyzed using proven scientific and technological methods and the OpEx Roadmap is created based on these analyses. Check-Up® time may vary depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of its processes.

You get the following output from OpEx-Check-Up ®:

By identifying the Critical Processes and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have the most impact on your strategies and costs, you focus on the right processes and areas for improvement. The aim here is to select the Operational Excellence projects among the most accurate processes for your organization.

Hundreds of improvement opportunities are uncovered based on these critical processes. These improvements can be very simple Kaizens or 6 Sigma projects where optimization studies will be done. Operational Excellence has a different improvement tool for any kind of project.

The financial effects of your Improvement Opportunities (current loss and improvement gain) are determined. Since Operational Excellence projects are activities that require a certain amount of effort, their financial returns must be determined in advance.

Your Prioritized Improvement Opportunities List is prepared by considering strategic importance, contribution to losses, improvement cost and expected benefit. This list includes all Operational Excellence projects for the next 1-2 years.

2- Realization of Operational Excellence Projects (Roll-Out)

After the Operational Excellence projects are selected after the Check-Up, the second step called Roll-Out is applied. Roll-Out can be in two different ways:

​Project Leadership Approach: Our consultants act as project leaders in advancing the Operational Excellence projects determined in this approach, and people to be determined from your organization provide technical and application support to these projects.

Training and Coaching Approach: In this approach, Operational Excellence projects are carried out under the leadership of your employees, who receive detailed training on continuous improvement tools. Our consultants provide periodic and periodic coaching to these people.

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