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Write Your Machines’ History With F Tags

The main purpose of Total Productive Maintenance is to eliminate all kinds of time loss such as breakdown, inefficiency, accident, poor quality caused by machinery and equipment. Most of these time losses can be prevented in advance or shortened with precautionary measures.

The F Tags we use for this purpose in Autonomous Maintenance enable machine operators to detect anomalies in your machinery and equipment. It basically has the following benefits:

  • Detects anomalies in machinery and equipment
  • Visually points out the locations of these anomalies and guides the relevant people for resolution.
  • Provides information on the contents and causes of anomalies
  • Provides information on the frequency of anomalies and facilitates planning of periodic maintenance activities
  • It allows operators to familiarize with their machinery and equipment.

There are 7 F Tags for anomalies:

  • Minor Mistakes
  • Basic Conditions Not Fulfilled
  • Areas that are Hard to Reach
  • Pollution Sources
  • Quality Based Errors
  • Unnecessary and Non-Emergency Parts
  • Unsafe Zones

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