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Minitab Connect: Case Study

Value Creation and Return on Investment
Examples of Value created by utilising our solution Cloud native application

Use case 1 (Business user: Operator performs)

Assembly plant for Toyota models – TAKT time 90 seconds
At different stages there are many different measurements taken, by different devices
and stored in different places
There are also manual measurements taken periodically
They use Power BI to create dashboards summarizing the performance of processes
at plant level
There is a need to assess process performance in ‘real-time’
Minitab Statistical Software is already used as part of improvement activities and for
measuring process performance


Not continuously tracking process performance
PowerBI cannot update more often than every 30 minutes
Strategic mandate to start harnessing process data

Connect Solution

Multi Tenant – EU based
Land and expand, start with a single station and look to scale up once value is proven
ST: Push data into Connect using REST API
LT: Connect to SQL server to pull wheel alignment data every 90 seconds
Produce SPC dashboards that allow filtering and modification of parameters
Dashboard sends out alerts immediately when processes start to drift
Operators can record and associate manual measurements directly with the process data (out-of-scope)

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