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How to Solve Problems with 6 Sigma?

We have learned in a previous blog that 6 Sigma is an improvement methodology developed to reduce variation in processes. Like Lean, Six Sigma is like a toolbox containing many Operational Excellence tools. With 6 Sigma, the inputs (x’s) causing these variations in the outputs (Y’S) are detected and formulated as in the picture below.

Y = f (x) is used to define functions. Below you can see a 6 Sigma project explained according to this model:

  1. First of all, the problems (Y and y’s) are defined.
  2. Then, the inputs that we think affect this problem are defined. (x’s)
  3. Of course, since many inputs are defined, it is necessary to prioritize and reduce them to the levels we can control. For this, we use Logic Filters.

Logic Filters are developed to solve problems with 5 phases called DMAIC in 6 Sigma. With different tools used in each phase, many input (x’s) mentioned above are eliminated and reduced to the controllable number that has the most effect on the output.

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