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1 Minute Introduction to Task Mining

If you are an organization that provides products or services for your customers by doing manual work on computer screens, increasing the efficiency of those activities will directly affect your revenue. As in every Operational Excellence initiative, we first need to measure how much time it takes to fulfill each job. Now Task Mining softwares make this job much easier, instead of manually measuring with a time watch.


Task Mining is a software-supported Operational Excellence tool that we use to monitor and analyze the manual work we perform on our computers. Some examples of these manual tasks are given below.

  • Mouse clicks
  • Key press
  • Using softwares such as MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • Email softwares like Outlook
  • PDF reading
  • Photo reviewing
  • Watching videos
  • Internet browsing


  • You can easily explore process automation opportunities such as RPA/BPA.
  • You can easily spot digitalization opportunities such as NLP/OCR
  • You can combine process variants (doing the same job in different ways) for higher efficiency
  • You can improve the user experience (UX) and design more efficient screens and interfaces.
  • You can take out unnecessary steps or actions from your processes.


  • Loading pages into the printer
  • Getting prices from websites
  • Printing time of a report on the printer
  • Adding and copying data to MS Excel-ERP
  • File download and upload
  • Signing in and navigating business systems
  • Downloading an invoice from email
  • Entering the invoice into the accounting system
  • Reading the prices from the MS Excel file during insurance policy preparation
  • Preparation of contract in MS Word

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