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What is Functional Analysis?

Every event in the universe has a cause. Those causes arise from functions at different system levels. To give an example, an efficiency problem you experience in your business may be caused by an upper system (for example, managerial decisions, or the customer), as well as by sub-systems or components (for example, a worn belt or bearing).

Functional Analysis is one of the tools we use to analyze the causes of problems in R&D or Innovation projects. It allows us to see the interactions between such systems, subsystems and components, and the relationships between them.

It is very simple to draw;

  • First of all, we draw the subsystems and components of the system we will focus on as boxes; It is important for us to go into as much detail as possible here.
  • In the second step, we draw the function of each component to each other. The important thing to note here is to show not only useful functions, but also harmful functions. (functions can be such as pushing, pulling, energy transfer, information transfer etc)
  • You can use arrows with different colors and features according to the function types (for example, useful functions are green, harmful functions are red).

For example, the function of the car engine is to move the car, but it has also the harmful function of throwing poisonous gases into the air.

Below, you can examine an example of a function analysis that we have done before. In the example, useful functions and harmful functions are given in different colors and in different images.

Aşağıda daha önce yapmış olduğumuz bir fonksiyon analizi örneğini inceleyebilirsiniz örnekte faydalı fonksiyonlar ve zararlı fonksiyonlar farklı renklerde ve farklı görüntülerde verilmiştir.

Problems can occur due to;

  • Loss of function
  • Reduced function
  • Excessive function
  • Intermittent function
  • Ceasing of function early
  • Ceasing of function late
  • Performing an undesired function.

By using Functional Analysis, you can find innovative solutions by eliminating the contradictions between these functions with TRIZ, or you can develop solutions about potential failure mode in those functions with FMEA.

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