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Task Mining Case Study in Finance and Insurance

A leading European-based bank in the world

Within the scope of the Marketing Process improvement study in the bank with 11000 employees, it was desired to learn the effect of the following topics on the loan disbursement rate:

  • Calling/not calling customers for missing documents
  • Reasons affecting the customer to receive multiple offers
  • Impact of single/multiple calls

With the Process Mining application;

  • Work steps with manual actions and non-electronic flows.
  • Rule-based but assigned decision/approval points to humans.
  • The effects of the above on costs and times were revealed.
  • Those that can be solved with RPA and automation were determined.

By transferring nearly 20 tasks and decisions to 7 RPA and 2 AI RPA bots:

  • It was made mandatory for customers to be called to fill out the documents.
  • The loan utilization rate was increased by making multiple offers.
  • The practice of making multiple offers in multiple meetings was started.
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