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Success Story: Eskişehir Chamber of Industry RPA Application

Before the implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the business processes of the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, several manual procedures were carried out. One of these processes was the annual dues and debt notification process. This manual process consumed significant resources and time for the organization.

Each year, the manual preparation of dues and debt notifications required the effort of 3 individuals working for a total of 8 hours. This equated to a continuous human workforce expenditure of 24 hours or a total of 1,440 minutes. The manual process brought along the following problems:

  • Time Loss
  • Probability of Errors
  • Increase in Costs
  • Difficulty in Data Updates

Time Loss: The manual execution of the process demanded a significant time commitment from employees, reducing the opportunity to focus on other critical tasks within the organization.

Probability of Errors: Manual processes are susceptible to human errors and omissions, leading to incorrect information and ultimately resulting in financial errors.

Increase in Costs: The prolonged nature of manual processes increased labor costs while diminishing the efficiency of the organization.

Difficulty in Data Updates: Manual processes made accessing and updating current data challenging, hindering a swift response to changes.


In order to overcome these challenges and enhance the efficiency of business processes, the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry decided to transition to RPA. With the introduction of RPA, the objectives included preventing the repetition of processes, reducing errors to zero, utilizing human resources more effectively, reducing operational workload, and achieving cost savings.

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Post-RPA Implementation Gains

With the introduction of RPA, the repetitive process was automated and completed within a few minutes. This allowed the organization to use its resources more efficiently and make faster decisions.

The solution brought by RPA accelerated the business processes of the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, reduced costs, and minimized the probability of errors.

Now, the organization has the ability to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks instead of wasting time on manual processes in its business operations.

This contributes to the sustainable growth of the organization while enabling the effective management of business processes.


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